Thursday, December 10, 2009

A little Q + A with Kink Ador

Katya - You guys are based in Nashville.

Sharon - The move to Nashville happened because I knew I wanted to make music and Nashville is a place I could afford to do it. And there’s a lot of rock bands doing really well being based out of Nashville.
Brad - And everyone who goes there is…they’re dreaming so hard and so there’s this dome of hope over the city because we’re all working so hard to make something happen so it’s just an awesomely inspiring city.
Sharon - And if you go by city mottos – they call it music city!

Katya - Who are some of your inspirations – musically or otherwise?

Sharon - Well you mentioned one before we began the interview which is Prince. Not so much stylistically but as an amazing performer who puts on a killer show every single night no matter what and that’s something we love to do and are inspired by. And The Red Hot Chili Peppers…The Yeah, Yeah Yeahs…
Brad - I think the spoken word: writers, poets and those who just want to do there thing and give it back.
Katya - What about writing the songs? How does that work?

Sharon – I come up with the structure, the lyrics, the melody and then I bring it to the guys. I have to have it as a complete thought or idea that I can defend and then let them hack away at it and then we polish it and it becomes a song. It really is collaborative but I start by steering it in a certain direction.
Brad - and then we steer her in another direction!

Katya - Are your songs based on your own life?

Sharon - We base them on a lot of things
Andrew - Class struggles of the Russian Oligarchy!
Sharon - Our song Animal is inspired by Toni Morrison’s book Beloved. The idea of freedom and finding your own path.

Katya - So you’re currently touring. How do you like it?

Andrew - We love it. We’ve all had day jobs and this is the best one so far.
Brad - When you go to a show and you feel that and are gone from your reality…and you leave and feel better…that positive energy that comes from being a part of that –that performance- that is what it’s about.
Katya - Do you feel like people in different areas have distinct energies or are the audiences kind of the same everywhere?

Andrew - I think everywhere we’ve played people have slightly different expectations. We’re sometimes playing with what seems like very random acts so you don’t know what the audience is expecting. But we’ve found that the more we play the more we realize that whether or not people have an idea about us by the end of the set we’ve won them over. Like we were in Chicago a few weeks ago and there was this man…this giant tree of a man that could break you in half and we thought whoa this is gonna be a tough crowd but by halfway in the set he was dancing his ass off. And that’s just an example…it’s not anything we know how to do, it’s just there’s this connection between the 3 of us that people are drawn to –they see how much fun we have and they can’t help but smile.

Katya - It’s infectious!

Andrew - Yeah, like swine flu! (laughter)
Brad - It’s fun! Somebody said to me you know I don’t know what it is about it – I don’t know what I’m gonna hear but I know I’m gonna have fun.

Katya - So you have an album out called Animal. How would you describe it?

- The EP "I Am Animal" is a collection of songs that really define the Kink Ador sound. Especially the song ' Animal.' The grit of the guitar sounds, the primal rawness of the bass and drums, and the journey that is happening in the lyrics create a unique tension that defines the sound of the band. We tried to go for fresh sounding rock and roll on the record, and i think we have achieved that.

Katya - And where can people get it?

Sharon - Get it off of iTunes or directly from us on the Kink Ador website.

Katya - Okay, that's it. Thanks guys!

Andrew, Brad and Sharon rocking out!

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